Monday, 28 December 2009

christmas and my first weekend

Friday 25th was christmas day and the school had various things to celebrate it. At the beginning of the day some of the parents, teachers and the principal handed out lollies at the school gate to all the children. There was also a concert by the special school with a performance by the kindergarten. All the children did really well and were very good performers! There was dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. And at the end, santa claus came and handed out presents to all the children.
The weather on Friday turned rainy and yucky, and was like that most of the weekend. A bad change from the nice weather earlier in the week.
My weekend was very busy and I saw much more of Taiwan! On Friday night I went to a Christmas party with my host family on the other side of Taipei. It was fun. On Saturday I went to Keelung to see the Yeliu Geopark. The weather was very misty and cloudy and not very good light for photos! But it is an interesting place. And Saturday night I went up the Taipei 101 Tower. It has a wonderful view, especially at night with all the city lights. Very interesting.
On Sunday I went to Taizhong with my host family. We visited some temples, among them a very old one in a town called Dajia. It was very pretty. It was a 2 hour drive so when we came back to Taipei I was very tired!
Today it is Monday, back at school for the week! Bad weather still! Well....I better finish off my lesson plan.

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  1. Wow,it was a really busy but interesting weekend!
    Hope you have a nice new week!