Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Wednesday,a short day at school

So today the students only have a half day of lessons at school. They finish at lunchtime, which is good! Today I am maybe going to a tea ceremony and to Longshan Temple.

Yesterday at school I saw the students practicing with the Chinese Yoyo and a Lion Dance. They also had an activity day where they did science experiments and saw magic tricks. It was very interesting, and I got 3 balloon shapes...a swan, a flower, and a santa claus! They are very good.
I had a go in the lion costume which has specific ways to hold the head so that you can open the mouth. The dancing goes to a drum and cymbals, which the children play themselves too. They were practising yesterday but their dancing is really good. I had a go at the Yoyo, but it is really hard! They would need lots of practice and apparently they practice everyday. Very dedicated!

Plus here I am having a go in the lion ... lol

Yesterday it was sunny and I very much liked the warmth! Today it is cloudy again but not cold.

I have been preparing my classes for next week, and so far I have been organising things about Australia. I have done powerpoints about Australian weather and cities, Australian animals, australian sports and about my home city, Adelaide. I have also been collecting English books for reading classes, and making lists of games to play. and of course, writing my blog!

Yesterday I also met the kindergarten students, who are very very cute!
I am looking forward to starting classes with the students so that they will know me and not think I am scary! :) And so they will feel more comfortable speaking English. Now, I will have to become more comfortable speaking Chinese!!

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