Thursday, 24 December 2009

supermarket, tea house, fruit and hot pot

Well it is early morning on the 24th. Yesterday was a big day. I was at school all day, organising my lessons. And I also went to the supermarket to see all the food. And tried to figure out how to recharge my phone credit! It was confusing so someone else had to do it for me. But I know how to buy the credit now at least! thankyou Eric and Paulina for your help :)
After school I went to a tea house up at Muzha with Penny's friend Samantha (we have the same name!!) and had tea. It is really really nice and the view of Taipei is amazing! It was nighttime so all the city lights were on. The tea houses are very pretty and because it was Wednesday there was no-one there so it was very peaceful. Apparently on the weekend it gets very crowded. But it was quite high up so driving back down the mountain made me a little dizzy because of the change in altitude. It is very lush and green here, especially in the mountains where there are lots of trees and vegetation. Very pretty.
And the tea and snacks were very tasty too, and I liked learning a type of tea ceremony!
This morning at school there was an activity for the third grade with singing, learning about special needs. They sung a song about being blind first, called 'You are my eyes'. the children all joined in.
I have also tasted different fruits today, which Miss Young brought for me, which was very kind of her. There is a persimmon, a bell apple, and a milky zao zi, kind of like an apple. I have eaten the zao zi, which is tasty. Tastes like an apple but different.
Oh and yesterday the Parent Association kindly invited me for lunch, which was hot pot. There was a seafood one and a meat one, both with vegetables. The fish was tasty. Well that is all for today!

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