Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Today is the 25 Dec, which means in australia my family will be celebrating xmas without me :(
Last night my host mother had a small christmas dinner party where they cooked fish, tofu, prawns, and sausage on a small electric bbq on the dinner table. It was very tasty. and they are going to teach me how to play mahjong.
Yesterday at school I had a small tour of the English classrooms and i also received my final timetable for my classes. I have many classes each day so i will be very busy! there is a regular class for each year level in which we will learn about Australia and play a game. Then there is also a small class, one for younger students on tuesday and one for older students on thursday. In this class we will practice conversation and reading in english. I hope I will be able to help the students in getting even better at english and also make them more comfortable in speaking it. Because I know it is sometimes embarrassing speaking in a different language because you think you will make mistakes, like saying the words wrong.

I also made my first solo trip to the convenience store and made my way home on the bicycle without getting lost or being confused!

And Bella, one of the English teachers, gave me a xmas present which was really nice of her! :)

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