Wednesday, 30 December 2009

lots of questions!

Today I had only had the sixth grade again in class. One class was very quiet and the other class was very loud! I enjoy being asked questions because it gives me something to work with. I have been asked about Australian food, if you can keep a platypus as a pet, what is the difference between australia and taiwan, where do I want to go in Taiwan, what other countries do I want to go to, what is a christmas pudding, if the chocolate easter eggs are nice and I have also counted to ten in Chinese for one class! I have not done that since high school but luckily I remembered! They then counted to ten in English for me and then backwards from ten. Some of the students here are very good at English.
Today is quiet day and a little bit cold, so that is all for now!
Plus I have uploaded more pictures on past posts now that I have been able to connect the camera to the computer so please take a look!


  1. Thanks a lot, Samantha. You shared lots of things about your country with my students. They enjoyed it.
    By the way, as you told us a very special Australian biscuit with chocolate cream, people drop the cream in their tea and drink it
    what's the name of it?


  2. hi bella,
    its a Tim Tam, you bite off each end of the biscuit and put one end in your hot tea and use it like a straw to drink the tea!....if you type in 'tim tam' in google images it has some good pictures. oh and drinking your tea through the tim tam is called a 'tim tam slam', its a famous thing in australia!
    thanks for all your help in the class, translating and giving me a hand :)