Tuesday, 22 December 2009

December 22 -My second day at Wu-Xing Elementary School

Hello everyone! This is my very first blog during my stay in Taiwan.
I arrived on Sunday and had my very first day yesterday at Wu-Xing Elementary School. I needed to have a rest because I was very tired from travelling all day on Sunday so I went home early yesterday to sleep! So today is really my first proper day at school.
I have met all the teachers today at a meeting this morning, and there are many more teachers here than there are at most of the primary schools where I live. I also didn't know the school was so big. My own primary school had only around 350 students, and this one has 1600! So it is very noisy at lunchtime :)
I have tried many different foods so far... yesterday i ate a bit of a chicken foot...eeeeek! I will not eat it again. Yucky. Today i had Tang yuan, which is a food to celebrate the winter solstice. It is sweet and quite tasty. It is a red bean soup with red beans and small balls which are red/pink and white. I liked it.
Last night I went to a nightmarket and ate a ice cream that is rolled up like a spring roll. it had peanuts and herbs with it. I am talking about food a LOT but there have been so many things to try...
Today I have had a tour of the school, which has many many rooms and is up to 5 storeys high. it is confusing but I am sure I will find my way around eventually! And I also went to the library to find English books to read later on. So that is all for today!!
oh....and it is sunny and kind of warm today!

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