Friday, 8 January 2010

I look like the President of the United States

Yesterday I ate a very tasty bun. It was warm, I think it was steamed, and it had things inside. Cheese and nuts and some kind of red stuff.... this is not very specific but I have no idea what it was! But it was very tasty.

Last night I went to a meeting with AIESEC at the Cheng-Chi University with the Non-Corporate Function, the group which brought me to Taiwan. It was the last meeting for the year and they just wrapped things up with a review and then wanted to know how things were going for me. They were interested to see this blog I keep for the school so hello to any AIESECers from CCLC who are reading this :)

Afterwards I went for food with Franziska, who is the president of Non-Corporate function, and ate something which I also have no idea what it was! It was black, a liquid which solidifies when it gets cold. We ate it warm like a soup with sweet potato, red beans and peanuts in it. The English menu said it was 'herb jelly' but I'm not quite sure about the translation. To me it looked like liquid liquorice.

Today I had the 6th grade and the 5th grade. The kids are all very curious about me, they want to know things like what colour my eyes are and if I like computer games. I'm curious about them too but there is less opportunity for me to talk to them. After the 6th grade class another funny thing happened kinda like being a filmstar the other day... except today I felt like the President of the United States because I had several photos taken with some of the girls, shaking their hands and smiling at the camera, just like the President does!! Almost as funny as giving my autograph the other day!

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