Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bits and Pieces...including more commentary on food!

Tomorrow I have my first second grade class and also class 510, which is the school basketball team. For the second grade I have prepared a lesson about Australian animals, with a powerpoint and a sheet for colouring in and labelling all the animals. I thought that maybe Class 510, being the basketball team, might like to learn about Australian sports so tomorrow we will learn about cricket and Australian Rules Football. We will also go through other sports played in Australia, such as surfing, rugby, basketball and soccer. And then afterwards we will play pictionary with the sports. So I will see how it goes tomorrow... I vary between thinking they will guess the pictures really quickly annd the lesson will be over too soon, and thinking it will be too hard for them! So we will see.

The children seem to like learning about the Australian animals so i think it will be a good lesson for the second grade.

Yesterday was a pizza day which made me very happy...the teachers ordered pizza for lunch and there was very tasty chicken and also ham and pineapple pizza. I haven't had pizza in ages so I enjoyed it more than I usually would.

Well I had the second grade and the fifth grade. It was funny because the second grade were so happy with the animals that they had absolutely no interest in me whatsoever! So they didn't have any questions for me...but I had a photo together with some of the girls. The fifth grade class were very energetic and very keen on making everyone laugh. They were very involved in playing the game and they picked up all the new words fast.

Today I went with the teachers to a restaurant for lunch. We had Peking duck, which was really nice. You took a slice of duck, a slice of skin, some spring onion and some sauce and wrapped it in a wrap that is slightly like a pita bread but thinner. It was my favourite part of the lunch, though I also enjoyed the pancake-type dessert we had at the end. It had red bean in it. I try to describe these things cos I hav absolutely no idea what they are called!

Well that is all for today. But this picture is of the sheet the second graders filled out, they label the animals and then colour them in.

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