Friday, 15 January 2010

Me and the Second Grade - and an exciting McDonalds discovery!

Today is a beautiful sunny day which made me very happy! I had classes all morning so I have been very busy. I had my first fourth grade class this morning which went well and then two second grade classes and a fifth grade class. I thought I would include some of the work the second grade class did, this is class 208's efforts at learning the Australian animals. I also wrote my signature on several more pieces of paper for the 5th grade class so I am still a little bit famous!! This is also a photo of me with the second graders in class 207.

Today the teachers ordered in a delicious cake to be eaten. This cake is only made in winter because that is when the Taiwanese Strawberries are in season. It is a rectangle shape with different coloured layers and strawberries on top and in the middle, and with a little bit of chocolate on the bottom and what is either cream or mousse near the strawberries. It is very tasty and sweet.

I also discovered today that McDonalds here sells soup and bagels with Philly cream cheese!! It was very exciting because I love bagels and I love Philly, and I also quite like soup. In Australia McDonalds mostly just has burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, wraps, salads and some desserts. Also breakfast food. But no soup and no bagels! Mmmmm...bagel....

Tonight I am going to Bella's house for dinner. She is one of the English teachers and it was very kind of her to invite me.

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