Wednesday, 6 January 2010

An example of work

Today I had lunch with the English teachers at a place where everyone has their own personal hotpot. Its a really cool concept, because each person has their own hotpot which is connected to a switch which you can use at will to heat or cool the water in the hotpot. And then you can pick whatever you like to put in your hotpot. It was very filling because there were lots of choices, such as vegies, meat,sauces, noodles and seafood. The tastiest was the cheese dumpling, the broccoli and the small pieces of fish.

So thankyou to the English teachers for taking me out, I had a very nice time! And you are all very generous.

I thought everyone might like to see some of the work done by my classes so I have taken some photos. There are some pictures done by the first and second grades about an English book we read; at the top, a 'mix-n-match' game that the third and fourth grades play in the class about Australian animals; and finally, this is part of a quiz about Australia which the fifth and sixth grades have in their classes.

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