Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I feel famous

Today was a funny, funny day. Firstly I watched the Youtube video about the 'Tim Tam Slam' which Bella told me about, and it is funny! If you don't know what a Tim Tam Slam is, this is the video to watch. Hilarious!
Apart from that today was shaping up to be a normal day... until the fifth grade class i had just then which asked me to sign their books and pieces of paper like i was a film star and then wanted to look me up on facebook! It was the funniest thing, absolutely hilarious, and completely brightened my day. :) :) :)
Apart from this i also taught another fifth grade class and also a younger english class in which my host family's son, Tim, was in. We read a book, they drew pictures which they labelled and we played a game about the alphabet. But that last fifth grade class was the funniest!
I am pretty tired today though because last night I went up Yangming mountain with Samantha and we had dinner at a restaurant called 'The Top'. It is a great restaurant, with the best views of Tienmou and if it was clear, could see the 101 Tower as well. The food was also tasty, especially the salad. It had starfruit, guava, apple, kiwifruit, tomato, lettuce, onion, capsicum in a Japanese dressing. I loved it!
Well I mostly just wanted to share the 'filmstar' feeling with everyone because it was so funny!

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